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Iriy [24Bits​/​48Khz]




Dmitriy Red'ko aka AstroPilot, has outdone himself again with "Iriy".

On this album and his last EP 'Midgard-Earth,' AstroPilot introduced us with magical symbolism to fit his new compositions and mood.

Portraying a series of serious, synonymous, rich, and extremely well-polished levels of production done in 432Hz tuning.
Dmitriy continues to redefine his signature sound through his inspiration of the symbolic sight within.

We can all prophesy that there will never be an AstroPilot album to sound the same.

Choosing to grace the design of his cd 'Iriy' with Svarogich, (a symbol of the heavenly power of god,) and Svarog, (whom preserves intact all the diversity of every life in the universe); these symbols protect all intelligent life forms from mental and spiritual degradation.
From complete destruction, as a rational species.

You are most welcome to listen and share another strong Altar psybient album.

With 10 albums in 10 years, I assure you that this is going to become more mesmerizing with every listen.

Both the 16Bit and 24Bit digital Bandcamp versions contain extended tracks with long fade-outs. Plus, 2 free bonus tracks!



Iriy (Irii, Irij, VYRY, SVARGA ) - Is the heavenly realm of the gods, a Slavic Vedic paradise established by Svarog.

Iriy Rhipaean is located in the mountains, over the white Alatyr mountain from which White Milk river flows.

In Iriy many green meadows full of beautiful flowers grows and there are sacred trees with fruits which have different magical properties.

In Iriy heavenly gods are altogether feasting in the kingdom of heaven and here lives the sacred souls of Slavic ancestors.


Available in 16Bits:



released January 25, 2014

Written, Produced and Mastered by Dmitry V. Red'ko except track 07 - written and produced with Martin Knecht ( )

Artwork by Dj Zen @ Altar Records

Light beta 440 hz version of track 01 was released as "Homunculus Nebula" on VA "Superluminal".

The track length here in Bandcamp is slightly different from the CD release: the digital files are a bit longer than the ones pressed on CD.
The ends are finishing a little more abruptly on the CD release in order to respect the technical Red Book specifications.

For those who want to down-sample easily and for free the 24bits digital album, we recommend r8brain :

If you want to keep your metadata tags we recommend XLD for Mac ( ) or xrecode for Win ( )



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